Monday, June 06, 2011

So how was the concert in Manchester?

Well, Take That were apparently amazing and the appearance of Robbie Williams was just the icing on the cake. The stage was stupendous - almost too much to take in from the middle of the ground where Pamela and the girls stood. Still they had the video screens to watch and the atmosphere was electric.

What did spoil things a little was the weather. For the Friday night concert, the sky was clear and the temperatures mild but for Saturday there was some light rain and it was a little colder. Even that did not spoil the experience as much as the journey back to Sale. Buses had been laid on to take concert goers back into the city centre but the system of loading them was chaotic. To make matters worse, when the group got back to Piccadilly there had been an incident involving a man on the tracks which meant delays with the trams. It was about 2am when the girls finally got to rest their heads on their pillows.

All in all, I think waiting for the DVD of the concert to come out was a wise choice for Dave and I to make.

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