Saturday, June 25, 2011

A very bleak picture for Bigastro

It seems that the black hole in Bigastro’s finances is much worse than the new lady mayor Charo Bañuls had anticipated before coming into office.

In a press conference with Aurelio Murcia, she explained that one of the main issues the new council faces is a debt of almost one million Euros to Social Services. Added to which are other debts amounting to 735,000 Euros including non-payment of VAT going back to 2004.

The most serious debts though, are the salaries of the 100 council employees which date back four months. You do wonder how they have survived without payment for so long – it must have been a nightmare for them each month facing bills that they could not pay.

Even the company that offers catering services to the pre-school Bigastrin are owed 114,000 Euros in spite of the fact that parents pay 70 Euros a month for this service.

And the fear is that there may be more to come because in the two weeks since coming to power, the new administration have not had a chance to examine all the accounts in depth.

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