Friday, June 03, 2011

It is ironic

Pamela flew to Manchester on Tuesday to spend some time with our granddaughter Molly, to visit her father and mainly to go to the Take That/Robbie Williams concert on Saturday at Manchester City’s Eastlands ground.

Since she has been there, the weather has been kind to her. Pam has enjoyed temperatures of 24 degrees and seen plenty of sunshine most days. Today is forecast to be sunny with clear skies at night. For the day of the concert it should be mostly sunny during the daytime, clouding over at night but still mild.

From there on though, the weather in Manchester is forecast go downhill with a return of heavy cloud, some rain and temperatures of 13 during the daytime. Pamela flies back to Spain on Monday when rain is expected in Manchester for most of the day.

imageIn the meantime, in Bigastro the weather has changed dramatically from the heat wave we experienced last week. There has been a lot more cloud about and temperatures have dropped considerably.

The culprit is that anticyclone centred over the Balearic Islands (glad I’m not on holiday there this week) which is keeping most of Spain and northern Europe clear.

Before Pamela left for the UK, we were using the air conditioning units during the evening and sleeping with the fan on in the bedroom. Now, I’ve had to turn the fans off because they were making me feel cold! In comparison to Manchester, daytime temperatures of 25 might seem to be good but it just doesn’t feel that way!

Ironically, after a weekend when the forecast is for cloudy weather, Monday should be the best day we have had over the last seven with mostly blue skies and a daytime temperature of 27. However, we’d best make the most of it because on Tuesday we could have a thunderstorm and by Thursday temperatures could plummet to an unbelievable 20 degrees. We are close to the middle of June for God’s sake, we should be in shorts and T-shirts from now through to late October.

Pam usually says how good it is to be back home in the warm sunshine when she returns from her trips to Manchester. She won’t be saying that this time!

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