Friday, June 17, 2011

Dining with friends

Last night, the ladies from the other adult classes asked us to join them for an end of year meal at La Roma bar in Bigastro.

The tapas there are very good and as it turns out, the bar is owned by the sister of our neighbour Eladia and her husband.

Even better than the food though was the company, these ladies are delightful to be with.

It isn’t always easy to follow their conversations but we mostly get there after maybe a repeat or two. Thank you ladies, Pam and I had a wonderful night.

PS On the menu were: bowls of fried almonds, bowls of crisps, plates of little fish in vinegar with slices of red pepper and olives, Russian salad and seafood salad with breadsticks, potato slices roasted in olive oil with garlic mayonnaise, squid fried in batter and bread rolls filled with black pudding, pork or sausages followed eventually by cake with cream.

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