Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A touch of real class

Yesterday afternoon, we went down to the Auditorium for the Entrega de Notas (presentation of diplomas and reports to you and I).

Our teachers had gone to an awful lot of trouble to set this all up for us. We had a slide show of pictures taken throughout the year of the various classes and the activities we had engaged in, we had speeches by the leader of the Adult Education classes, VIncente from the book shop in Orihuela, the Councillor for Education and five of the students from the classes (including me).

Then we had the presentation of the diplomas and certificates, various students then gave their teachers presents and finally we got to sit down for a mini fiesta.

You can’t see it but the lectern we used was decorated with beautiful fresh flowers -this was a very classy occasion!

The new Councillor for Education, Aurelio Murcia was invited to attend. In his speech, he spoke of the importance of the adult education programme and made a commitment from the Town Hall to carry it on next year.

We were all delighted that Aurelio found the time to attend and even stayed to join us in our mini fiesta – it was a gesture much appreciated by all.

Now that he knows I attend Spanish lessons, Aurelio has said that our conversations in future will be in his native tongue!

We would like to thank our teachers, Sandra, Ana and Eduardo for all their efforts throughout the year and for making presentation so special for us. We would also like to thank the Ayuntamiento for making all this possible. The various classes that we attend are of great importance to all of us, they make our lives richer and help us to integrate better into the community we live in.

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