Thursday, June 23, 2011

Will it be hot or wet?

You hear all sorts of conflicting reports about what sort of summer we will have this year. Yesterday I was told it was going to be wetter than usual and today I read that it will be hotter than normal – maybe it will be both!

The state weather agency AEMET says that we can expect the first heat wave to arrive in the west and the south of Spain by either Sunday or early next week. They reckon that temperatures could reach 40 degrees centigrade in some parts of the country. Following that, they say that July and August will see above average temperatures.

And now for our immediate concern; the clouds that rolled in yesterday afternoon could well persist for today and tomorrow with perhaps a chance of a shower or two and then the sun will return on Saturday bringing temperatures back into the mid 30s with just a light breeze from the west to cool things off and no chance of rain whatsoever.

Meantime in Britain, an anticyclone centred over Scotland is keeping the country covered in cloud. Our youngest daughter, her fiancé and our beautiful granddaughter along with our frineds Glenys and Peter are due to arrive on Saturday, by all accounts they will be leaving a rainy Britain to find glorious sunshine here in Bigastro.

And for those living elsewhere, the good news is that most of continental Europe should have a hot summer this year.

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