Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Aurelio – don’t go there!

Growing cannabis in Spain for personal consumption is legal. Clubs have set up over the country to do just that and so far have escaped prosecution.

However, when the mayor of Rasquera, in the Catalonia region, decided that he could scale things up and use the profits to pay of the town’s debt, things got a little more tricky. He held a referendum before going ahead with the project but only got 56% support- less than the 75% he hoped for.

Now nobody is sure where this project is heading. The mayor said he would resign if he did not get three quarters of the 800 voters on his side but has so far declined from doing so. 

This story prompted me to come up with some appropriate headlines,; “Town rescue plan up in smoke”, “The mayor of Rasquera has gone potty?”, “Town makes a hash of it”, “Weeding out the debt”, “The highs of local politics”, “A joint venture” etc etc

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