Saturday, April 14, 2012

A gentle reminder

20120413_sevilla1 Just to remind you that today we can enjoy the 1st Feria de Sevillanas in Bigastro.

On the menu at 12am is tapas and an exhibition of horses.

Then at 4pm you can learn the classic 4 part dance that accompanies the music (Pam can try that – I’ll just stick to taking photos).

At 7pm you can watch the students from the Estafania Selfa School of Dance perform along with other dancers and enjoy some more of that tapeo.

I hope they have some of those pelotas with garbanzas (meat balls and beans).
20120413_sevilla2 Actually there is another reason I am posting this today.

I rather like the job that Germán Martín from the Ayuntamiento has done preparing these two posters.

I just hope the weather stays fine. It looks like it could be cloudy and a bit blustery this morning - better later on. Sunshine would be good but not essential. Actually, I take that back because strong sunshine is a killer for good photos -it creates harsh shadows.

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