Saturday, April 28, 2012


On Wednesday, Pam and I went down to the branch of our bank where the main account is held. Whilst we were there, we passed the offices of Euro Anglo Sur, the company we bought our house through. We did wonder whether they would still be operating now that the sale of new houses is virtually at a standstill and were pleased to see they are still open for business but are now called Euro Prestige. If you search their site, you will find they are involved in a number of developments throughout the area. 

In the windows of their head office, were a selection of houses for sale including new builds. Of special interest to us were the houses almost identical to ours and others on our estate which are being built at Las Kalendas, Fortuna. There is a website for the community there which shows photos of the area. However, there are also photos of the area which show desolate streets, shoddy construction and empty houses. It seems that part of the development is complete and has a thriving community but other parts are just vacant plots. Quite who the builders are is not clear, it certainly isn’t StarSol who no longer exist.

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