Thursday, April 19, 2012

Caught red handed

Local police officers in Bigastro caught a burglar at the scene of his crime. The individual was already well known to the police for his modus operandus so when they got a call from one of the locals, it was all out to catch him. When the police got to the house, there was the thief in the garden. He (I am assuming it was a man) was arrested and taken to the Guardia Civil and then on to the court in Orihuela.

That must have been a busy night for the local constabulary. The last item on their website is dated 20th December 2011 when there was a nasty traffic accident in the town and before that on the 7th December they found 80 lottery tickets in one of the waste bins. The last crime, as such, occurred last September when they collaborated with the Guardia Civil  to find a plantation of marihuana. 

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