Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I wonder

It was good that Aquagest finally resolved the leaks in the pipe work under the road by the pumping station. What was not good was that to effect the repair they had to dig up the road in three places.

They filled the holes in with gravel which is a darn sight better than just using soil but they have still sunk leaving suspension crashing dips in the road. Further down towards the town, the constructors of the new house dug a trench across the road to bring services to the building. There they did fill it with soil which we know will wash away the next time we have any rain.

It isn’t just residents of Villas Andrea that use the road, visitors to La Predrera use it as well including the coach loads of children who come to the area for their rural studies. Whilst you can detour around the dips with a car, it might not be so easy to avoid them with a coach. Added to which, the refuse collection lorries must suffer each night as they come to empty the bins.

I understand that it makes sense to let the gravel settle before laying a layer of tarmac but even still, I reckon the company responsible for the work should return now to top up the gravel and ensure that the road is at least level.

When they do eventually decide to lay some tarmac, I hope that they fill in the dips in the road that lay just round the corner which were also caused by the problems at the water pumping station. That bumpy bit of road has been like that for a few years now.

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