Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still some explaining to be done

Jose Joaquin Moya , the former mayor of Bigastro was back in court this last week to provide more information about the infamous Volkswagen Toureg. The PP claim that he was given the car as a perk for awarding municipal contracts to two companies. The alleged charges are for bribery and embezzlement of public funds, fraud and extortion of local money.

Moya says that the town did not pay for work that was not undertaken, he hadn’t received any money personally, that the promissory notes were for maintenance and repair and that this was all a witch hunt by the PP who want to justify the time he spent in Fontcalent prison whilst investigations proceeded.

However, that still does not explain the 500,00 Euros that were paid to Torrevir for work in the town over a three year period and more to the point how Moya came to own the 60,000 Euro car, paid for with council money, which he subsequently sold. The jobs, which in some cases were signed off by municipal technicians as being completed, were not always supported by a tendering process which would have ensured free competition and possibly a better price.

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