Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Salzillo in Orihuela

Yesterday it looked like the parade in Orihuela was going to be washed out. However, the thunderstorm we had at midday ended and the skies cleared in good time for the Brotherhoods of Atonement and Ecce Homo to set out.

It was a good chance to see the new canopy that  the Brotherhood of Forgiveness have commissioned for Mary of Atonement. It was also a night when you could see the paso of Calvary carried on the shoulders of 50 costaleros. Until now it has been driven on wheels.

In case the weather did turn nasty, there were tents at several places en route where the pasos could be sheltered.


Looking at the rest of the week; tonight looks reasonably promising for the Brotherhoods of Flagellation and Lavatorio. On Thursday it might just stay clear for the silent parade at 11pm and for Friday we have our fingers crossed.

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