Sunday, April 29, 2012

Something for everyone

In the early seventies my in-laws and my parents used to travel to Benidorm out of season to enjoy a relaxed holiday. If they were still alive, I doubt they would feel so welcome in the town now.

With the changing face of tourism in the town, it is the weekend all inclusive packages that draw stag and hen parties there. Lots of sun, lots of beer and lots of girls or boys and a price of less than a hundred Euros draws the parties in. Benidorm ranks as the number ten choice for these type of parties amongst the Brits.

It isn’t just British stag parties though that head to Benidorm, the Spanish also flock there to celebrate the last nights of freedom. Whilst the Brits prefer the Rincon de Loix , the Spaniards like the old town and the clubs of Levante beach.

Of course, there is still a large trade to be had with adults seeking something a little more cultural but again, it is adults only.

Benidorm is trying to find ways to accommodate all; families, young people who want to be away from children. stag and hen parties and gays looking for somewhere that is gay friendly.  It isn’t easy to cover all these diverse interests but then Benidorm is perhaps big enough to cope without them all spilling into each other. It kind of works in Blackpool so maybe it will work in Benidorm.

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