Monday, April 09, 2012

Talent and team work triumphs over money

It is true that United were lucky to be gifted one of their goals yesterday when a bad decision by the referee gave Rooney the chance to score a penalty against rivals QPR. With only ten men left, QPR finished 2 goals down. That was an important game for United especially since their rivals City would be kicking off later in the day in an attempt to keep up their league championship hopes.

mario As it happened City lost to Arsenal by one goal but the big news of the day was Mario Balotelli, the 22 year old Italian, who once again disgraced himself on the pitch with his petulant behaviour. He might score important goals but if he can’t stay on the pitch for the full 90 minutes without committing some atrocious foul then he isn’t worth risking. Yesterday he committed three, one of which the referee missed.

Sheikh Mansour has spent a billion pounds on Manchester CIty should surely expect to see more for his money. The fact that City lead the table for 28 weeks will count for nothing if they come second as it now looks almost certain they will. It is possible that  Balotelli will  never play for City again, that was £23m wasted by manager Mancini whose job may also be in jeopardy.

This all points to one thing, money does not necessarily buy you success in football and that must surely be a good thing. The Glazers may leave Ferguson with little cash to play with but he has shown time and again that he can spend what he has well and bring home the results.

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