Thursday, April 19, 2012

A return to the olden days

Our teacher, Antonio, told us on Tuesday that people in towns like Bigastro used to collect rainwater from the roofs of their houses to drink. Channels on the roofs brought the water down to the houses (a bit like the guttering and down spouts you find on Northern European houses).

I don’t know how long ago Antonio was speaking but it may not have been that far into the past when you consider there were no tarmac roads in Bigastro during the 60s.

Although Antonio said that rainwear was drinkable, I would seriously question that because when the rain comes from the Sahara desert it is full of red dust. Even when it is coming from a different direction, it is running over a dusty roof which may well have bird droppings and other rubbish on it. Still, if that was the only source of water, there was no choice for the people living here.

As those who live at Villas Andrea will know, there has been a long running (sic) problem at the water pumping station situated at the entrance to the estate. Last week, they dug the road up to try and resolve the problem and that seemed to work until yesterday that is when water was once again streaming down the road.

So, workmen are back again and have dug yet another hole in the road in an attempt to cure the leak. That means we either have just a trickle of water from the tap or none at all.

Maybe we should invest in some guttering and a rain barrel to store water – make a return to days gone by that Antonio spoke of! 

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