Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Business as usual

It might be sunny outside at the moment but the forecast for today is rain. In fact rain is expected each day this week at some point.

Normally that would not be a problem but of course it is Easter and there will be a lot of visitors in town to watch the parades. The main one takes place on Friday when all of the cofradias take part. The forecast for Friday is grim with a 65% chance of rain in Orihuela and a strong wind to drive it.

Since we moved to Spain, we have only been able to watch the Friday parade on four occasions, twice in Torrevieja and twice in Orihuela. It doesn’t seem to matter whether Easter is early or late, the weather is invariably bad. It must be disheartening for the people who organise the parades to have them called off. It is also a bitter blow for the tourists who have come especially to watch them. There is no way that they will risk bringing the pasos out in the rain though, those things are priceless.

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