Monday, April 23, 2012

Eladia Grau

There are a few words in Spanish that we enjoy for the way they sound: one example is equipaje (pronounced ekipaki) which is luggage and another is maquillaje (pronounced makiyaki) which is makeup.


Our neighbour Eladia has a shop in the town where she specialises in make up, nails etc. With her artistic eye and modern outlook, Eladia gets a lot of work for special occasions e.g. weddings. However, it probably isn’t to often that she gets called upon to do something exotic where she can give free rein to her creativity.

Saturday was an exception and so, in collaboration with Hairmania, Eladia showed us some of her stunning creations.


Eladia 1  Eladia 4
Eladia 3  Eladia 6
Eladia 5  Eladia 2

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