Sunday, April 08, 2012

Damn missed it!

As followers of this blog will know, I make a point of getting up on Easter Sunday to go down to the town and take photos of the Encuentro in Bigastro. Easter Sunday is when Christ was resurrected and his mother Mary, who has been mourning the loss of her son, meets up with him.

In Bigastro this is celebrated with a special procession. The statue of Jesus is carried from the church at 7am and then processes along Calle Mayor.  The statue of Mary, wearing a black cloak for mourning, leaves the church afterwards and she is carried along Calle Purisima. They then meet on Calle de Picasso where a bed of flower petals and leaves has been laid out. At the moment of encounter, white doves are released, a confetti bomb is set off followed by a mascleta of fireworks. The two figures are then carried back to the church along Calle Purisima.  

I just can’t believe that I did not wake up in time this morning to be there and take photos. Please accept my humble apologies.

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