Monday, January 23, 2006

Coming out?

The true power of the pink pound was revealed today with the publication of a survey of gay men and women's earnings suggesting they outstrip the straight salary by up to £10,000 a year.

Women have officially joined the pink pound economy and some of Britain's biggest companies are ploughing money into the gay market, researchers said. There are now an estimated £70bn pink pounds earned and spent in the UK every year.

Gay men in full-time jobs earn on average £34,200 a year, compared with the national average for men of £24,800. Lesbians earn £6,000 more than the national average for women, take two more holidays a year and spend £400 a month on credit cards, according to the survey of 1,118 readers of Diva and Gay Times by the marketing consultancy Out Now.

I am assuming that they don’t earn more because they are gay so why should this be? Are they more ambitious or more intelligent? Do they present themselves at interviews in a better way? I read an article which suggested that gay men exude a scent which other gays can detect. Perhaps being gay is the modern equivalent of being a mason. When I was a mason it was always suggested that secret handshakes were the way to gain promotion. In my experience that was not true. Possibly now it is the after shave you wear that does the trick.

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