Monday, January 06, 2014

Back home

Back to Bigastro safe and sound after another adventure in Sale, Manchester. It was supposed to be a quiet and restful week this time round but somehow that did not seem to happen. Of course we had New Year and my birthday to fit in along with a trip to the cinema to see “Frozen”, a meal out with some of Dave and Laura’s friends, a trip to the ice rink and a few shopping expeditions.

It looks like it got windy here whilst we were away. There are one or two things that have got blown about but no damage. Mind you, any wind here could not compare with that in England over the last month or so. Our flight to Manchester on the 27th was delayed because it was too dangerous to use the steps to the aircraft on its way to Alicante. Fortunately, the delay meant that the wind had calmed by the time we reached our destination making landing less precarious.

They have also had a lot of rain in England. We were lucky and only saw a few days of rain during our trip but some parts of the country have suffered a deluge. That, combined with strong winds and a spring tide have caused havoc for many along the coast.

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