Friday, November 27, 2015

No pressure Keith

Just when I thought I was simply going to a concert given by the military band of the San Javier Air Academy, it became much more.

Pam and I went down to the Ayuntamiento this morning to try and reserve seats at the concert. Instead I was given invitations to attend the reception in the Town Hall where they also want photos. Then we will attend the special mass in the church and finally the concert in the Auditorium.

Because of the nature of the occasion, I will have to dust off my suit and don a collar and tie and Pam will have to dress suitably.

Teccy stuff

I now have to rethink my plans for the equipment that I will have to take. Normally I would consult Carol Thorpe about this but there is no time for that on this occasion.

For concerts I normally go with my 70-200mm zoom lens and use available light. For the reception though I will need my 24-70mm zoom and flashgun.  For the mass, where flash would be a distraction, I'll also need my 50mm f1.2 lens which is a low light monster.

Hopefully, sometime on Sunday, you will find a link in the album section of the sidebar with pictures of the event.

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