Friday, June 16, 2017

A bite free summer

In the last few days, the Bigastro Town Council has carried out measures to combat a plague of mosquitoes this summer.  This summer-long campaign to prevent the proliferation of these pests.
started with the arrival of high temperatures this week.

A specialised company performs this work by fumigating trees and placing pads in areas with standing water. The councillor of the area, José Antonio Maíquez, explained that this treatment is performed "where there is greater incidence of larvae e.g. in the reservoir on the way up to La Pedrera or in scuppers." In addition, the mayor seeks citizen collaboration and asks that neighbours do not leave standing water inside their homes or in their gardens.

The council have also carried out the process of disinfecting the sewage system in the town to prevent or at least control a summer plague of insects.

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