Sunday, August 13, 2017

Archie - a winner

We were delighted when Jemma's best friend, Laura T wanted to come and support us at this year's fiesta and bring her two children, Erica and Archie with her.

It was wholly appropriate that our son-in-law, Dave should take part in the Carerra de Cintas. Laura's son, Archie agreed to ride on the rear carrier.

Their first attempt was good but Archie just failed to hit the mark.

The second run was more successful when Archie managed to win the tape with Pam's name on it.

How lucky, a) to win a tape and b) that the tape gave Archie Pam's sash.

Archie has given our granddaughter Molly the sash which hopefully she will keep as a memento of this special celebration.

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