Monday, April 09, 2018

A long day

Saturday was the day of the Certamen in Villena.

Pam and I were down at the car park in good time for the coach as were most of the people from the town. We set off at 2pm prompt and arrived outside the theatre about an hour later giving us plenty of time for a coffee before making our way to the seats.

Bigastro were the first to play and then we had a break whilst the band from San Miguel set up.

Following San Miguel, the band from Villena took to the stage to perform. Then off course we had the speeches and finally the results.

In third place with a second prize and 318.5 points was the band from San Miguel de las Salinas. In second place was our band with a first prize and 323.5 points. The mention of honour went to the band from Agost who also got a first prize and 324 points.

By the time we got back to Bigastro it was nearly 10pm. It was worth it though to hear our band play so well and indeed the other bands that we heard.

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