Sunday, September 16, 2018

Much ado about nothing

We all know that weather forecasting is an imprecise art at best. When it comes to predicting DANAs though, trying to make accurate predictions is in another league.

You only have to search the internet to find videos of parts of Spain where the effect of the cold drop was intense. In particular, there is a video of a river rampaging down a street in Granada taking cars and vans along with it. There is a similar video taken in Ronda where the river is part way up the walls of houses. Both locations are where the streets are narrow and there is a hill.

We were forecast the high possibility of heavy rain and thunder but all we got was a short sharp downpour. That was lucky, things could have been much worse for us.

There have been some complaints about AEMET's forecasting but to be fair, it is better to expect the worst and then find things are nowhere near as bad as predicted. 

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