Tuesday, June 11, 2019

What a shambles

It seems that the contest to find the replacement for Mrs May has descended into a farcical situation where each of the candidates feels the need to come clean on whether they ever took drugs. Michael Gove confessed that he took cocaine, others smoked cannabis or opium and Boris Johnson thought he might or might not have snorted cocaine - it could have been icing sugar which either did or did not go up his nose.

They all believe that, one way or another, they can deliver Brexit by Halloween or maybe not. In spite of overwhelming evidence that a “hard Brexit” would cost Britain dearly and in any case would be blocked by parliament, most say that would be their default option. The EU have categorically said that there will be no more negotiation so where does that leave us?

When Gordon Brown succeeded Tony Blair, Johnson said they should have had a general election to give him a mandate from the public. I wonder whether he will stick to that principle if he is elected? Indeed, will any of them risk “going to the country” to confirm their position?

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