Wednesday, July 17, 2019


It used to be chaotic at departures at Elche Alicante Airport. You could park up there free of charge and so people used to avoid the fees in the main car park.

Then they installed barrier gates and you were restricted to 15 minutes. That worked well and it was usually possible to find a space even at peak times.

We take our car to the airport and use a company called Plane Parking. The deals is that you drop your car off at departures and they take it away to their compound. When you return, you phone up and they bring the car back to departures.

The problem is that people are back to abusing the system and are parking at departures to pick passengers up. On a number of occasions, the barrier gates have been left open to try and avoid the chaos but that means that they can park for longer.

When we came back on Monday it was mayhem, not a space to be had and you could see that none of the parked cars had people in them. Plane Parking had to bring our car back to the lane reserved for taxis.

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