Monday, June 08, 2020

The madness continues

From today, passengers travelling to the UK are expected to quarantine for 14 days at an address they provide. However, the Home Office say the system will be unworkable.

There are no means for the Border Force to check if the details you give are correct. If the details are obviously false e.g. you give your name as Boris Johnson then they can ask you to correct the details otherwise you will just pass through. Those that haven't filled in a form will be asked to do so on a tablet. Problem is, there is only one tablet available at each border point.

Once you have cleared the check, you are then free to go. You can travel by public transport, go to a supermarket or even the beach on your way to your designated address.

Chances of anyone checking if you have actually quarantined are slim to say the least and if you gave a mobile phone number as your contact, you could be anywhere.

If all else fails and they do catch up with you, tell them you have gone out to check your eyesight. 


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