Thursday, September 03, 2020

Make of that what you will

IMPORTANT🚧🚧 CV-95 cut off from next Monday, September 7. The CV-95 cut-off will take place, in the direction of Torrevieja-Jacarilla, from the roundabout of the Health Centre for heavy transport that will not be allowed access to the municipality, allowing the access of the rest of the vehicles from the roughly crossing of Vereda El Molino towards Avenida Tomás Villanueva, Calle Vereda el Colin heading again towards CV-95. In the direction of Orihuela, the cut will be made at the La Metro roundabout where you will take the direction of Bigastro along Calle Apatel and Avenida Tomás Villanueva to take the CV-95 again. In the same way, the access of heavy vehicles will not be allowed, only buses.


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