Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Can we trust them?

 During the emergency news conference last night, Grant Shapps said that earlier in the day there were 500 lorries queued on the M20 and that had reduced to 170. According to Kent police there were 900 and the Home Secretary admitted to Radio 4 that there were 650 lorries on the M20 and 873 at nearby Manston Airport. 

Johnson was unable to answer questions about the issue, instead he told the nation that he'd had a good conversation with the French President who he said was celebrating his birthday. He said that the problem would be resolved within a matter of hours but the lorries are outside the port that is still closed this morning. 

People are advised that there is no need for panic buying so guess what they will be doing this morning. 

In relation to Brexit, the Prime Minister said that talks were still ongoing, that a no deal was looking most likely. It wasn't what he wanted but Britain would still "prosper mightily" if a no deal was the outcome. 

Johnson reiterated his promise that Coronavirus would be beaten by Easter saying that half a million people had been given the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. 

Of course, Britain has heard so many promises that have been broken, trust in Johnson is waning thin. Coronavirus was obviously not his fault and you could argue that he has done what he believed was right to deal with it. His optimism was the appeal that got him elected. However, that needs to be tempered with reality. Can you imagine his hero, Churchill telling the nation that the Second World War would end in six months? 

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vv said...

Happy Christmas, Keith and Pam

Covid in England is out of control and they lied about exactly when they knew about the new strain. On top of this we have had a foretaste of Brexit when France closed its borders. The Mail and Express have been disgraceful bellowing out racist headlines. So puerile.
On Channel 4 News last week the Brexit-Ultra and leading member of the ERG, Peter Bone, admitted the realities of a no deal Brexit. (No one knows the true number and identity of ERG members. It is a party within a party and has the trappings of a secret society. To join it they pay a subscription of £2,000 per year but then claim it back on expenses, so it is financed by the taxpayer.)
Bone, who was once exposed as the meanest company boss in Britain, paying some employees just 87p an hour, admitted that Brexit would mean higher prices and that trade will be 'less efficient'. If Johnson did not come back with a 'deal that complied with the principles of Brexit' ( a euphemism for a complete break with the EU) then 'we''ll just trade on WTO terms'. He forgot to say that this also means following rules on tariffs and quotas. So it will still mean hated regulations for the Brexit ultras.
He further claimed that the UK only wanted a 'Canada style deal' (never mentioned in the referendum campaign) but the French blocked it. The French were guilty of playing politics (just like Johnson) and added 'it's always the fault of the French' a racial stereotype heard by the nation. And he said this while laughing and chuckling. If it was meant as a joke, then it was in extreme bad taste. There are many people who will take his words literally. No wonder there has been an upsurge in racism since 2016.
So these guys know that the country is going to suffer from leaving the EU, yet are still driving their crazy bus, full speed, to the edge of the cliff. This time it has 'You fools, you fell for our lies, but never mind we are out' painted on the side.