Monday, May 24, 2021

Our wonderful neighbours

 As I have said here many times before, we have the most wonderful neighbours here in Bigastro. Time and again they have proved to be caring, generous, thoughtful and helpful. 

Two weeks ago, I fell in the garden badly grazing my head, elbows and knee. Pamela thought I should have the graze on my head seen to and so she called Eladia and Pepe from across the road for help. Straight away Pepe came over, got his car out and took me down to the Emergency Service in Bigastro, He then took us to the nearest chemist that was open to get some pain killers. 

Yesterday, Pamela had a severe nose bleed and was struggling to breathe with her mouth full of blood. I had to stop her for fainting from the shock. Again I called Eladia and Pepe for help and this time, Eladia (the daughter) took us to the Emergency Service. 

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful we are to have such caring neighbours who are willing to come to our aid without a moments hesitation.  

A huge thanks to Pepe, Eladia and family for you great kindness. It is very much appreciated.

PS It isn't just Pepe and Eladia who have proven to be good friends. So many from the town have shown us a great deal of kindness and assistance throughout the time we have been here. 

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