Thursday, June 17, 2021

Changing the law regarding masks

The Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez says he is confident  that Spain will soon drop the use of face masks while outside.

He went on to claim that, in just a few weeks time, 50% of the population will have at least one dose of the vaccine.  A record 3.5 million vaccine doses were administered in Spain last week. From a slow start, Spain has caught up and made remarkable progress. 

Spain currently has very strict mask rules in place, including their required use outdoors by everyone aged six and over even when social distancing can be observed. 

I would say that the vast majority are compliant with that rule. However, we see a growing number of people in the street without a mask or with their mask below the nose. Whatever the law says, people are voting with their feet.

I believe it is time to make the change. 

I noticed two elderly ladies taking their constitutional walk up to La Pedrera yesterday and both wore masks. For sure both of them had two doses of vaccine sometime ago and they were outside where there were no other people about. All the masks were doing was making their breathing and conversations more difficult. Things are of course different in towns and cities where people are crowded closer together and social distancing is impossible.  

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