Thursday, October 21, 2021

Well, well, well

We've lived in Bigastro since November 2004 and there were some here before that. 

So, after over 17 years of people living here, the council has now decided that we need pedestrian crossings on the roads of the estate and there are people painting them this morning as we speak. 

Any measure that provides road safety for pedestrians is of course welcome.

Bigastro has lots of pedestrian crossings marked out. There are even some that lead from one side of a street to the other where there is no pavement and presumably nobody wanting to cross..  

Like all road markings here, these are painted on the road rather than laid with white tarmac. In time the paint fades and wears off with traffic. No matter, sometime later a gang arrives to repaint them.

The blessing is that they haven't yet decided to put traffic calming humps on that road as they did on Calle Holanda. 

On another note, there are people laying what I assume is a water pipe to the allotments. That may mean that we will see some growing activity there soon. 



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