Friday, January 07, 2022

Changes to the rules for entering the UK

As  a new variant of Covid arrived in the form of Omicron, the UK Government rushed to bring in new rules for people entering the country. The aim was to try and stop the spread of a new variant in Britain. As it turned out, it was either too late or the rules were ineffective. The dominant version of Covid in the UK, as in most countries, is now Omicron. 

Realising that the new rules were not effective and were simply punishing travellers, the UK Government has made changes:

The changes, which kicked in at 04:00 GMT, mean fully vaccinated travellers to the UK no longer have to take a pre-flight Covid test

The new rules also mean fully jabbed arrivals do not now need to isolate while waiting for their post-arrival PCR result

From 04:00 GMT on Sunday, fully vaccinated travellers to the UK will be able to take a cheaper lateral flow within two days of arriving

Arrivals who receive a positive lateral flow result must take a PCR test - which can be a free NHS one.

The problem as I see it is there are now many cases of people who are fully vaccinated being infected with Omicron. In my opinion,  the Covid passport that shows you have had the jabs, no longer proves you are safe to attend crowded public spaces.  

You really need to show that you are not infected which means having the result of a test. The problem for us here in Spain is that we have to pay for tests. Before the New Year, local chemists sold lateral flow test kits for 5 Euros. I'm told they now cost 7 Euros. The so called "fit to fly" tests were anything up to 100 or more Euros each. 

Let's hope the regional governments do not cotton on to my idea otherwise a trip to a restaurant or concert could prove expensive. 

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