Saturday, March 26, 2022

Praise deserved

 Gradually, I am getting there replacing the items stolen from my bag. 

The first step was of course to cancel the bank cards and request replacements. Then I needed a new phone with a replacement SIM card so I could check on any movements in by bank accounts. 

With those jobs done, I needed to replace the spare glasses that were in my bag. This is when Specsavers shone. Not only did they discount the replacement glasses by 50%, they also delivered them within four days. 

My residency card (TIE) was stolen and this is where Consulting Services Bureau, Torrevieja came to my rescue. They organised the appointments at Alicante for me and again gave me a large discount on their services. They have been brilliant. 

Our insurance company AXA did organise for a locksmith to come to our house the day after the robbery. Unfortunately, they would only pay for him to replace the locks on the front and back doors leaving the security grill on the back door with the original locks and the garden gates the same. I am not so worried about the garden gates but the security grill protects a vulnerable aluminum door that just has a simple one bolt lock. 

This is part where Rafa Lorente helped out. He replaced the lock on our post box so that we could recover the letters in it. He then sent someone out to replace the locks on the security gate. 

Of course, top of my list is my neighbour Pepe who accompanied me to the Guardia Civil to make my denuncia not once but twice. 

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