Monday, September 26, 2022

Gee thanks

Those of us who live in Spain with pensions from the UK are vulnerable to the exchange rate of the pound against the euro. 

When the referendum vote was announced, the pound slumped and was near enough on par. That meant we had one third of our monthly income slashed at a stroke. 

Gradually the pound recovered although not to pre-Brexit valuses. 

With the mini budget that the new PM and Chancellor announced on Friday, the pound has nose dived meaning that we will have to be mindful of spending. Meals out, replacement items and fancy gadgets will be out of the question. 

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vv said...

Brexit is an unmitigated disaster. We are now in the hands of a faction of right wing Tories who worship at the altar of neo-liberal ideology. The reaction of the money markets to Kwarteng’s mini budget was predicted. Surely, the gullible British (English?) electorate cannot vote them in again?