Thursday, October 06, 2022


Since the transition period ended, we've had to pay customs duty on parcels from the UK. Because of that, we'd resolved for the family not to send Christmas and birthday presents anymore.

However, as I said in a past post, we were due to go on a holiday to Funchal with the family. The diagnosis of thrombosis in Pamela's left leg put paid to that. 

Since we'd missed out, the family decided to buy us some small gifts which they sent us by post. The Customs Declaration form on the package states; postcard £1, magnet £3 and cakes £10 giving a total of £14. 

The post lady has just delivered the small package after us paying the 14 Euros customs duty - that's £12.26 for a £14 gift.  Just to make matters worse, our eldest daughter paid £7.80 to send the package. 

That means two cakes, a fridge magnet and a postcard cost a total of £24.06 between us!

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