Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The recent power cuts

The explanation from the Town Hall:-

Since the 2nd December, in our municipality like in neighboring municipalities, we have been suffering power cuts. These cuts and probably more that we will suffer, originate from the "Jacarilleta" electric substation located between Jacarilla and Benejuzar. It is the one that supplies a large percentage of the electricity to Bigastro. 

Repair actions for network failure are being carried out by the responsible company.

The grids and facilities in our municipality are in perfect condition and are not the cause of the blackouts.

Hopefully everything will return to normal soon.

In the case of our house, there was also an issue with the supply cable  which caused the voltage to fluctuate. I am pleased to say that seems to have been resolved. 

Every time the power goes off, the clock on the oven needs to be reset and the connection to our Voip phone provider needs to be re-registered - minor inconveniences compared to those experienced by people in Ukraine.

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