Monday, August 28, 2023

It should not have turned out like this

When the Spanish ladies football team won the World Cup in Sydney, it should have been a reason for great celebrations. Indeed there were celebrations but they have now been overshadowed. 

The team coach, Jorge Vilda, was ostracised by many of the players as the celebrations began. He was at one end of the pitch with his team of helpers and a few of the players, the rest of the players were at the other end. 

The La Roja coach was booed by the crowd when he held the trophy aloft and celebrated victory with barely a pat on the back from his players,

The players claim that Vilda's coaching style did not look after their mental health and well-being and that he often exhibited controlling behaviour. The players alleged that Vildas and his coaching staff searched their bags and claimed they told them to keep their hotel rooms unlocked for inspections.

However, concerns about the coach have paled into insignificance compared the those surrounding Luis Rubiales, the President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. 

Standing alongside,  Queen Leticia and 16-year-old Infanta Sofía — Rubiales celebrated the victory by cupping his testicles with his right hand. A masochistic gesture that he has subsequently apologised for. 

Worse was to come fifteen minutes later.  When team captain Jennifer Hermoso reached Rubiales to receive her medal, he first hugged her, then placed his hands on both sides of her head. and kissed her on the mouth. 

During the celebrations in the changing room, Rubiales made a surprise appearance. He took Hermoso by the shoulder: she leaned away from him, keeping her hips away from his body. He then said that he’d take her on a trip to Ibiza “to celebrate their wedding.”

Calls have been made for Rubiales to resign but he is having none of it. Spain's football federation are holding an urgent meeting today as its president stays defiant in the face of mounting criticism. He claims the kiss was consensual and that this is all about false feminism 

Luis Rubiales has been suspended from all football activity for three months over his conduct at the Women's World Cup final.

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