Saturday, September 16, 2023

Stormy weather

Tuesday's storm was the worst we have experienced here or anywhere for that matter. 

We were sat outside with our visitors and could see it coming. Within seconds all hell broke loose with hailstones were bombing down on us (they've left some small dents in our cars). Then, as fast as the storm came in, it stopped. I was able to cook our paella out on the BBQ. 

Last night we took our visitors back to the Airport for their flight home. 

All was fine on the way there and half way on the way back. Then a mighty storm came over bringing lightening and torrential rain. Everyone on the road slowed down to a crawl as they struggled to see more than a few metres in front of them. 

As fast as the storm  came in, it cleared and in some parts it looked like there had just been normal rain. Not so in Bigastro though where there was deep standing water on the roads and rocks that had been washed down with the water. There was a car that had come of the road just up from the roundabout at the entrance from Orihuela, Jacarilla and Torrevieja. 

I imagine the new defenses to prevent flooding in the town will have been well tested now. 

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