Thursday, November 09, 2023

An end to the leaks

Barely a day goes by without Hidraqua repairing a leak in the water pipes somewhere on our estate. 

We have already had three leaks repaired outside our house and I notice that there is probably a fourth one that is showing up as a damp mouldy patch on the inside of the wall to the street. 

The problem lies with the existing polyethylene pipe network, where breaks and water cuts in homes are continuous. It is therefore good news to read that work has begun on the installation of a new water supply network in Sector D9.  

The first phase covers Calle Holanda, Calle Escocia and part of Calle Inglaterra. Hopefully, they will move on to replace the defective pipework in the remaining streets.

This is all thanks to a subsidy of 146,060.06 Euros from Alicante Provincial Council and will allow the installation of 914 meters of cast iron pipe, including the connections to each of the existing homes.

The expected duration of the works will be until the end of December, with temporary cuts to the supply service and traffic during that period. 

The pity is that this could have been avoided if Star Sol had installed cast iron pipework in the first place. 

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