Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Feral cats

 There have been a number of complaints about feral cats on our estate. People complain of them crapping in their gardens, on their porches etc etc. 

Years ago, a feral cat gave birth to kittens on the furniture on our porch. The cushions were covered with blood that I had to clean off. She then hid the kittens under our shed and came to feed them each day. 

I managed to block off the route to the underside of our shed and the mother took her kittens elsewhere. I'm not sure what happened to the kittens or the cat after that.

Some of you will call me cruel for evicting the kittens. However, we didn't want them in our garden and there was no easy way to move them on. 

Apart from any other consideration, we live next to a protected area where the wildlife is an important feature. An abundance of feral cats can easily upset that balance by transmitting diseases and killing small animals and birds. We've had feral cats bringing dead rabbits and rats into the garden before now. 

Why are the cats here?

 We are well aware there are some people on the estate who put out food for the wild cats. That must stop. There is a lot of finger pointing going on with mostly English people taking the blame. 

Hopefully, there will be notices posted in the near future telling neighbours not to put out food and encourage wild cats. Then, some time in the future we will be rid of them. 

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