Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Just needs a coat of varnish

I should really have started my painting for this competition earlier to give it a chance to dry properly. 

The general advice is to leave oil paintings at least 6 months before applying varnish. That is because the oils in oil paint cure rather than dry. 

I only finished my painting last week and although I didn't use thick undiluted paint, it still won't be ready for normal varnish.  

The problem is that parts of my painting appear matte and the colours a little dull without a coat of varnish 

I need to have it ready to hand in next week so I will have to apply a couple of coats of spray retouching varnish and hope that does the trick.  

Wish me luck! Last year I got third prize for my painting, "The Procession",  Let's see what happens with "The Floral Offering" this year. 

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