Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another busy day

Pamela was flying back to England last night so she had to finish packing and of course make sure that everything was OK for me whilst she was away! Apparently it’s not that I am incapable just hopeless.

In the afternoon we had our end of term Spanish exam. We’d all decided that we wouldn’t use our books like the students in the other class do. What is the point? The whole idea of a test is to check yourself how well you are learning the work that has been covered. It isn’t as if we would be thrown off the course if we got bad marks. Anyway, in the event, most of the people did use their dictionaries to look up spellings.

The only difficult part of the test was forming sentences. With our limited vocabulary we have to find ways to say what we want with the words and the grammatical structures that we know. Hopefully we will have done OK though. As ex-teachers we have a reputation to keep up!

Whilst we were working on the test Pamela had a phone call from Laura who was panicking because she’d found on the Internet that her flight left Murcia at 17:30 not 22:10. She was looking at the timetable for Wednesday and thought that the times for Tuesday were the same. Panic over we got home, had a cup of tea and drove to the airport. As check-in we were told that Pam’s flight would be going from Alicante not Murcia because the French ATCs strike meant that her flight couldn’t leave before the airport closed at 22:30. Jet2.Com had arranged a coach transfer to Alicante for 21:30. The flight would be delayed possibly until midnight. So there was a long night in store for Pam.

Hopefully she got there safe and sound and Laura will not be too tired after her late night taxi call.

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