Friday, March 17, 2006


Yesterday I got my letter from SUMA who collect the Impuesto Vehículos Tracción Mecánica (the equivalent of road fund tax) along with other taxes. Just like in England the amount you pay is determined by the size of the engine. It also varies according to the local council you are paying tax to. Unlike England though the tax is for the whole year and is paid during a particular range of dates. In this case from 1st March to the 4th May. For my car with a 1.4litre diesel engine the tax is 60€ which is about £41.40 an increase of 6€ or £4.14 on last year. Just remind me - how much is Road Fund Tax in England?

The other tax we will pay to SUMA is Property Tax which is the equivalent of council tax. We’re not sure how much that will be because we didn’t pay last year. Judging from the amounts our neighbours paid though it should be about 160€ or £110.40. Again it can be paid between the 24th July and the 5th October. Now that compares well with the £1,200 we paid in Greasby for sfa.

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