Monday, March 13, 2006

A touch of the Mary Poppins

Yesterday Eric, who lives below, came up to help me put up the new fencing. We were going round to our neighbours for lunch so just managed to get two panels up in the couple of hours we had. We used plastic ties which should prove longer lasting than the thin wire I used last time. Eric joked that if anything comes down it will be the whole fence next time posts included. I hope he is wrong.

A quick shower and then round to Ken and Kay’s house next door for Sunday lunch. She did us proud with roast beef, lamb and chicken, sprouts, carrots and broccoli, roasties and Yorkshires. They had Ken’s daughter, partner and her children round along with Ken’s ex-wife and partner. Of course they are all Southerners so we had to keep up with the “watcher cocks”, “cor blighmeys” and “how you doing guvnor”. Apparently they “lawve Ealing” and “Sathark is buzzin” but Brixton – “you hardly ever see a white face there these days” and "you can't wawk daan Dawkin High street wiffowt gettin into a punch up". Ken went off after the meal to watch his team Arsenal beat Liverpool. Not the best occasion to tell people you were from the Wirral.

Unbeknown to us we had booked ourselves on a trip to San Pedro and Cartagena today. Most of the people on the trip will be Southerners. I expect they will be revelling in Arsenal’s win and telling us how they miss their “pie and mash”. Lawvely!

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Angela said...

Cor blimey! you should have had James with you to translate.