Friday, March 31, 2006

We did OK

I got our test papers back yesterday. We seemed to have done alright and got B for bien in each section of the exam. We both made a number of little mistakes. Pam’s were mainly spelling mistakes which are excusable. I had a few other mistakes though. In the time questions I put “a las tarde” instead of “de la tarde” for times in the afternoon. When I think about it that was a stupid mistake. I should have left it out altogether or given the time using the 24 hour clock. I also put a “de” in front of “donde” where it wasn’t necessary in some of the interrogative questions. I wish I understood more of what I was doing instead of just applying rules.

Still we are making progress. Hopefully in a year or so it will all seem a lot easier.

PS Just as an example: I ordered a toner cartridge from a Spanish company. The delivery company have just phoned to say that they can't find my address. Now my Spanish isn't good enough to direct them and they don't speak English. How frustrating. I asked them to try again and find someone in Bigastro who will tell them where our road is. If only they had sent the parcel by Correos.

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