Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A flying visit

When the weather is so nice here in Spain it seems odd to have to contemplate what clothes we might need for our visit to England. It is also strange to go on holiday from a warm climate to a cold climate. Still we look forward to seeing the girls. Although Pam saw them at the end of November, I haven’t seen them since last July so that will be nice.

One thing is sure we will be glad to come back to sunny Spain next Tuesday. Our visits to England so far have been very hectic and there is no reason to suppose this one will be different. Our itinerary is:-
Thursday – fly out in the evening.
Friday – Manchester (probably shopping!)
Saturday - Anniversary party with Pam’s parents on the Wirral
Sunday - visit our ex-neighbours on the Wirral
Monday - visit my father in Cawthorne , Yorkshire
and Tuesday fly back home.

We would love to be able to visit all of our friends but that would be impossible. We will post pictures on our return though.

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