Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Never heard of him?

Some 1850 enthusiastic supporters of the poet Miguel Hernandez, from all over the world gathered in Orihuela on Friday to start an amazing 3 day walk which will end of the 64th anniversary of the poet’s death. At about noon this colourful march arrived in Redovan, where Diana Bridle was waiting.

Each walker was identified by the red baseball caps they were wearing and the long wooden staffs each carried, many also wore blue t-shirts with the name of the poet on the front.

Local schoolchildren were given the task of reading from the port’s work from the town centre stage and refreshments were handed round whilst some of the local people had brought picnics. What was noticeable was the number of young people taking part in the walk and it seemed that the poet’s love of nature and freedom, coupled with his early death, had struck a chord with young people around the world. There was a group of 25 American students, people from Norway, Japan, China and Italy; a truly international gathering which underlined the importance of the work of Miguel Hernandez, a local man who had lived and worked in Orihuela, his father from Redovan.

The first day of the walk would take the participants from Orihuela, into Redovan on to Callosa de Segura, Cox and finally the overnight stay would be at Albatera. The second day would lead them onto San Isidro, Crevillente, and a recital close to the monument of Miguel Hernandez. Day 3, the final day, would start with breakfast at the University of Miguel Hernandez and then lead the walkers to Alicante where a recital will be held at the poet’s tomb.

The school where we have our Spanish classes is named after him.

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